About Us

We are 2 friends living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. We work together and realized we both shared the love of all things space, whether it be astrophotography, discussing aerospace events and studies, such as SpaceX landing their rockets, or just looking through our telescopes. We hope to share this love of all things space-related with the world and help gather all the resources we’ve found useful online, and share them with you here.

What is Cosmos PNW and Why start the site?

As we started observing more, and going to more events, we realized that there was a lack of centralized resources for amateur astronomers to use. Through some Google searching and trial and error in the field, we learned a lot of valuable information that simply wasn’t available in one place. We want to share our experiences and what did/didn’t work for us, and assist others in the hobby of astronomy. Through our journey, we have collected and learned a lot of information that is extremely helpful to people who are new to the field and do not know where to start, as well as to those who want to expand their field of expertise.

We will sometimes post our personal experiences if we think they are of great value to others who are learning. However, this site will not be just “Look what we did! It’s so cool” but rather a site where we can share information and learn.

We also want to help foster and grow the space community in Portland and the Pacific Northwest as Space is the Final Frontier. There are many opportunities for people to get involved in the community and we want to help others find their passion and place in the space industry.

If you have any questions or comments for us, feel free to hit us up on Twitter, Instagram, or email (cosmospnw@gmail.com)!

So who we are?

Michael R


I grew up with a picture of Saturn in my room and have always been interested in space. After moving to the Pacific Northwest, I started to get involved in astronomy on a local level and have never looked back. A favorite museum has always been the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC, having grown up near Washington DC. I spend my time doing wide field photography and using my Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope

Favorite celestial object: Saturn



Kostia M


I’ve always loved space, but it wasn’t until visiting Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, looking through a telescope for the first time, and seeing the cloud bands of Jupiter, that my love for astronomy was ignited. I now enjoy casual observation through my Dobsonian telescope, and some planetary imaging when the conditions are right. You can see some of my astrophotography as well as regular photography here.

Favorite celestial object(s): Jupiter / Titan