DIY Moon Landing Map

Recently, we worked with a local organization to create a visual map of where the manned moon landing missions occurred. This showed where NASA landed on the moon on Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17. We were able to create this 4 foot by 4 foot display with a plexiglass front for under $200 and we will show you how to do so as well.

This moon map shows the landing spots. Credit via the internet

Apollo 15 is at the 12 o’clock position, Apollo 17 is at 2pm, Apollo 11 is at 3pm, Apollo 16 is at 4:30.

Apollo 14 is at 7:30, and Apollo 12 is at 10pm.


  • Red Electrical Tape (<10$)
  • 1-4×4 board (<$10)
  • 1-4×4 Moon Poster (~31$ including shipping from Vistaprint)
  • 6-8 inch by 12 inch pictures, 1 of each Apollo lander (got ours from a local shop, <$10)
  • Can of Paint and Primer–Grey for a base layer (let it sit for 24 hours) (any hardware store, <$10)
  • Black Paint spray on (any hardware store, <$10)


  • 4×4 plexiglass sheet (<$40)
  • Picture Frame (depends on size


After purchasing the materials, spray painting the wooden board with a base layer of grey paint, then the black. Follow the directions for spraying the paint. After letting


After aligning the landing spots and the moon on the black board, we then glued the pictures on. After drying, we added the red tape to show the landing spot and added the labels for each mission. Once the tape was in place, which we cut to size, we glued the labels. This can be done in any size, but is something unique and not seen in many science, space, and aerospace museums. Let us know what you think as we appreciate any and all feedback.

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