Fiat Physica: Helping Make Science Happen!

Solar glasses in Nigeria. Credit: Fiat Physica

Have you ever wanted to be part of a crowdsourcing community to help further STEM education? Want to help educate those without the proper resources?

Check out the site Fiat Physica! The first and only site dedicated the crowdsourcing Physics, Science, and Astronomy related education! Having operated for 1 year before launching the website in October of 2015, Fiat Physica helps connects projects across the world to those who would like to get involved with the projects on the site. So far, the site and crowdsourcing has helped fund 18 different projects all across the globe.

Fiat Physica works with all types of organizations, including 501(c)3 non profits like Astronomers Without Borders and Galileo Teacher Training Program to find projects from around the world, and help fund them. Current projects are focused on getting ready for the September 2016 Solar Eclipse in Central Africa.

Fiat Physica was founded by theoretical physicist Dr. Mark Jackson, when he realized that todays technology provided a new and unique avenue and opportunity to raise money for science.

Dr. Mark Jackson was born and raised in Oregon, went to Duke University and later got his PhD from Columbia University in New York City on the topic of physics and SuperString theory.

The idea for Fiat Physica started when Dr. Jackson was assisting the group at the University of Paris with their fundraising in 2014. This gave Dr. Jackson the idea that there are other ways to get new, different stakeholders involved with scientific projects. Crowdfunding is unique as it provides a unique opportunity for the public and new stakeholders to get involved and be exposed to projects that would otherwise be unknown to them. These new investors can then get on board and participate in any project of their choosing, and help spread the word.

When it comes to providing grants and money for education, there is only so much money allocated towards science (STEM). Funds sent to researchers working in universities, in the area of physics, may not see a huge impact unless the monetary amount is substantial. For example, if the same amount of money is sent to a teacher in Africa to purchase a telescope for furthering education, that teacher now has the opportunity to change lives. The telescope doesn’t need to be expensive, as a $500-600 telescope would be enough to change the lives of the students in the area, and open their eyes to an entirely new world! Research and providing education to new areas both have their merits, but there is a gap for new educational opportunities – however, there are many ways by which the public can assist in filling this void. Fiat Physica welcomes crowdfunding projects of all sizes related to STEM, regardless of the funding goal.

With the rise of crowdfunding sites like KickStarter and GoFundMe, Fiat Physica presents a great opportunity to get involved in the crowdfunding of STEM projects. This is an opportunity to change the lives of many, and help shape our future – do your part!

The site can be found at and on Twitter at

I know I will be donating! Hope to see you on Fiat Physica soon!

– Mike

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