A Spring Surprise –The Aurora Borealis

On the night of Saturday May 27th and morning of May 28th, 2017, residents of Northern US and Canada were surprised and greeted with a show of the Aurora Borealis. We were at the LL Stub Stewart State Park to do some imaging, plus Michael had his 6 inch telescope to view Saturn and Jupiter. Michael was going to take some pictures of the Milky Way and Konstantin came which was a great surprise.

At about 12pm, I went over to Konstantin to see how his pictures were going when I noticed that his pictures had something that looked like light pollution. But as seen below, the aurora could easily be seen, but also could look like city lights. The Aurora wasn’t that bright, as I had to bring out the color.

The aurora as seen by the 1st picture just looked like some dancing columns that were dark but some lights. The 2nd picture was really dim and almost looked like city light. But I realized that there were no city lights in the Northeastern area of Stub Stewart; therefore, it could only be the Aurora.


We will get into the details of the solar cycle, and what the solar minimum and maximum later. But the best way to figure out the current aurora level at aurora-service.org/aurora-forecast. If we had known, places such as the Vista House, which we did a review of, would have been a great place to have seen the green color. The View at Stub Stewart wasn’t so much of a green color, but rather a blue/green as seen by the pictures above. We heard that the sightings went as far south as Northern California.


If Michael had gone to Larch Mountain, the view would be different, but the state of Oregon hasn’t opened the area due to the heavy snow in the area.

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